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Most of the times people are allowed to think along or to give advice. but those taking decisions and having control are still in charge. During communityprocessing people involved are making those decisions together.

"A real paradigm shift in how decisions are made."
- participant
"Fortunately, the process was well managed and felt safe for all involved. Everybody got the opportunity to say what was needed to say.."
- participant
"Things we believed to be impossible suddenly became possible after this process!"
- city council

Local communities


Tense situations often arise from groups of people or individuals not feeling seen or heard. These tensions are best eliminated.

Communityprocessing - Samenlevingsproces
Communityprocessing - Samenlevingsproces
Refugee debate

In situations of conflict between groups and people, Communityprocessing leads to a supported plan owned by all those involved.

Communityprocessing can be used in escalating situations or situations that are likely to escalate. Diverging interests of those involved may lead to a potentially explosive situation.Various groups are involved: stakeholders, regions, districts, villages, etc.

Communityprocessing may be of value for situations in which groups naturally disagree and quarrel with each other. It involves situations in which people concerned have been injured or feel affected by what has happened or by what will happen.

"Nobody expected us to find a solution!"
- local citizen

Living together


Living together is not always easy. Communityprocessing creates an environment for those who have been affected by a certain situation or conflict to be heard and be involved in the decision making process.

Political anthropologist Nanke Verloo points out that in local protests against refugee centers we are dealing with 'citizens who are organising themselves and making themselves heard in a way they think is expected of them in our modern society of participation. But their story is one we don't want to hear. If we really want to value dialogue in our society, people that have uneasy and unrecognised stories to tell need to be granted a seat as well. This however cannot be done by organising an event in which citizens basically have no options except to listen to what local government, in all its wisdom, has already decided. Acknowledgement of emotions, reflecting on things and finding their origins, are necessary ingredients if we want conflicts to offer opportunities.' Source: 


Communityprocessing facilitates dialogue and joint decision making. When all voices are heard, a solid plan can be made and supported by all those involved.

Communityprocessing - Samenlevingsproces
Communityprocessing - Samenlevingsproces
Field examples

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