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The basics of Communityprocessing

Multilateral partiality

Communityprocessing is supervised by independent facilitators and mentors. They defend the interests of all individuals and parties involved.


During communityprocessing people take control. From there ownership of and responsibility for a certain situation arises.


Everything discussed before and during the process will be open and transparent to all those concerned.


From position to interest

Through a well run dialogue people will move from sticking to their position to searching for proper solutions and finding common interest.

Organized contradiction

All parties are invited to talk and contribute ideas, how big the differences may seem.


All parties will be involved in each other through positions and relationships. Parties recognise the differences and also the similarities.


All parties engage in a dialogue so that they can fully understand each other and learn about each other's interests.

Understanding each other

Several words and phrases can simply have different meanings to different people. Understanding is key.


People get their own space of time, in process and the whole development of that process.


People do not have to agree with each other, but instead need to find a solution acceptable to continue this path together.​

Experience counts

Not the objective facts or the truth are most important The emphasis lies on the sharing of subjective experiences. (stories)


The realization that people need each other and to complement each other to come out of a certain situation.​


When people are damaged by what has happened recovery comes first before we can come to a solution.

Change capital

All people have their own ability to change and are willing to use and strengthen that ability.

Added value

During the process, everyone's opinion is of value and everyone will have an unique and irreplaceable contribution.

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