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A bundling of change and innovative power

Communityprocessing involves the expertise of Anke and Gert Jan and their extensive experience in change management, conflict resolution and innovative processes in various fields such as child welfare, criminal justice, health care and the social domain.


Communityprocessing brings together all valuable insights and opinions of the different participants and parties involved. Participants work collectively on a positive change by creating and realising new stories. We use inclusive decision making: which means the views of all groups and each participant will be heard.


We work towards the future on the basis of stories, experiences and the needs of the participants. We also give consideration what needs to be restored, based on past events and behaviour or future expectations.


Within communityprocessing we estimate conflicts as a driving force for change: we do not avoid them but use the underlying diversity of interests and the related decision making and control. Ownership of a situation becomes part of the participants themselves.

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Gert Jan Slump

Gert Jan Slump is an independent criminologist, restorative justice expert and social entrepreneur. He is co founder of the Restorative Justice network in the Netherlands, assists and advises on renewal and planning processes and provides regular training to professionals. Furthermore he is also working on projects focussed on security & justice, youth care, welfare, education and professionalisation. Gert Jan Slump has over 25 years of experience as a researcher, consultant, project manager and trainer and is a popular speaker and lecturer.

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Anke Siegers

Anke Siegers is an organizational psychologist and (group) conflict mediator who assists organizations and government with the transition of the social domain. She leads conflict and planning processes (group mediation, restorative justice, deep democracy and family group conferencing principles) and speaks throughout the Netherlands lecturing on ownership. Furthermore, she has years of experience with providing support to solving problems focussed on the social network, self-direction, FGC, and citizen participation. Anke Siegers is the initiator and developer of ‘The New Route’ in the social domain and gives speeches and training all around Europe about this philosophy and method.she is a much loved and enthusiastic keynote speaker

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