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This situation can't continue...

They must do it on their own...

We take matters into our own hands...

My ideas should also matter...

Who is willing to listen to us...

Something must be done, otherwise...


This is what we stand for, let's do it!





Develop and deliver
After communityprocessing participants will receive a report of the whole process and the plan in the agreed form (eg. a report, video, newspaper) There will also be a final evaluation with all involved after an earlier agreed time period set by the stakeholders.
During this stage, all parties involved will be spoken to individually (face-to-face) so that everyone can participate safely and will be well prepared for the meeting. In this stage the boundaries and limitations to the plan’s framework will be made clear and briefed to all involved.
In addition attention is given to careful communication (for example with the (local) press) and practical issues, such as arranging a neutral location.
We start with a situational analysis. During this phase we explore the different interests and check which groups are involved. We also discuss the expected outcome of the planned communityprocess.
Communityprocessing can last for a few hours up to a day, depending on the situation. The actual process always starts with an informative part where the knowledge that is necessary to solve the conflict will be shared. This is information of which the participants in the preparatory phase stated that they need it.
During the next step all parties involved will enter a guided conversation and discuss the proposed solution for improving the particular situation as we move from individual positions to common interests. For very large groups (50-600) we work with inner and outer circles, remote thinkers and audiovisual tools so that everyone involved can follow the discussion and contribute.
In conclusion the plan of action will be presented and possibly the (local) press will be involved to. Communityprocessing can be customised in accordance with the different parties wishes and demands.
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